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Who wins the battle? Bitcoin or Altcoins? The answers to those questions could also be fully completely different among numerous folks. Some would say that Bitcoin is outdated as a result of there area unit cryptocurrencies that employment quicker and have a lot of practicality enforced on the protocol level. And these folks would be right. Others can by all odds assure that Bitcoin is and can continuously be the amount one cryptocurrency, irrespective of what new Altcoins seem. arduous to argue thereupon, as well. So, however will this be possible? Why can we define Bitcoin among alternative cryptocurrencies? Is it simply trivial or the best?

The appearance of Bitcoin

Most of you’ve got in all probability detected the story concerning the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, UN agency unreal and “launched” Bitcoin in 2009 and, yet, remained unknown.

What’s spectacular, is that eight years past Bitcoin was perceived as some weird and uncertain notion that simply appeared, as if it fell from the moon. who would trust it? the solution is: “no one.” However, under a decade later, Bitcoin has shaped a brand new business yet as a brand new branch and approach to business. it’s modified the means we expect concerning our property and also the approach to things we tend to own. All as a result of someone whom we tend to don’t even grasp. It takes your breath away once you dive deep into this concept.

In a short lapse of your time, Bitcoin came all the means from being referred to as a pyramid or just some weird ‘program that deals with non-existent money’ to the best Discovery of the twenty first Century. Moreover, we tend to area unit solely at the terribly starting of its long path…

Hardships of Bitcoin

The core downside of the Bitcoin network now could be the measurability issue. that’s to mention, the network is flooded with users, therefore you’ve got to attend longer and charges area unit higher.

The necessity of AN upgrade has aggravated a tough fork (chain split). August first was the day once the Bitcoin blockchain was split. Meanwhile, some Bitcoin holders gained a good profit thanks to this difficult fork. Especially, people who control their cash on exchanges that did the coin rending. Among them, CEX.IO exchange gave its users an equivalent quantity of Bitcoin money coins (forked Bitcoin) because the quantity of BTC they’d had before the arduous fork and launched the commercialism of the ‘second’ Bitcoin (BCH).

It was arduous to mention what would be the top result. However, the credibleness of the primary of its kind cryptocurrency has surpassed everyone’s expectations. So, days when the fork, Bitcoin’s value rocketed up a lot of fleetly than anyone may imagine.

Cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin has triggered an unstoppable chain reaction – the invention of many cryptocurrencies, the whole range of that have recently reached m. The capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, notionally, are often divided into 2 major groups: Bitcoin and Altcoins, wherever Bitcoin takes over a [*fr1]. So, the pressing question is ‘Which is better?’

Why Altcoins area unit better?

‘Altcoin’ means that different coin. What does one assume, is different sensible or bad? It are often each, therefore area unit the Altcoins. There area unit dozens of moderate and even inferior coins that solely a slim circle of individuals grasp and use. However, sure ‘alternatives’ produce a robust competition for Bitcoin. We’ll discuss a number of them:

  • Ethereum. Being the second-after-Bitcoin cryptocurrency, Ethereum was the primary to point out that the blockchain is capable of doing rather more than simply providing transactions. sensible contracts area unit Vitalik Buterin’s mark of pride that, in 2017, brought Ethereum growth to four-hundredth.
  • Dash. it’s thought of one amongst the foremost advanced cryptocurrencies for everyday use. All as a result of the questionable ‘instant transactions’ that enable users to send or receive cash within the blink of a watch. Moreover, that’s not wherever the practicality of Dash ends. scan a lot of and reveal it for yourself.
  • Zcash. This cryptocurrency provides one amongst the very best privacy levels on the market, if not the very best one. the topic of the occasion is Zero-Knowledge proof – a groundbreaking technology that permits the blockchain to be non-public and clear at an equivalent time.

Why Bitcoin is better?

By any live, Bitcoin was, is, and can be the foremost positive investment once it involves cryptocurrency. The key a part of such success is quality and trust (gained thanks to the very fact that Bitcoin was the primary cryptocurrency). The a lot of folks get to grasp concerning Bitcoin, the a lot of it grows.

Over the year 2017, the rate of exchange of Bitcoin has multiplied nearly 10 times. a colossal quantity of traders enriched themselves throughout that amount. it’s vital to imply, that some Altcoins are through even a lot of active increase over an equivalent lapse of your time. However, Bitcoin is completely different as a result of it’s a lot of stable.

Traders and entrepreneurs will afford to take a position rather more cash coping with Bitcoin instead of Altcoins. And this is often one amongst the most options that considerably distinguishes Bitcoin among alternative cryptocurrencies – high vote of confidence.

Now we tend to come back to a different measurable distinction: Bitcoin offers the sole true decentralization compared to Altcoins. Since, the artificer has determined to remain within the shade, nobody specifically is ruling Bitcoin, apart from the complete community. All the selections area unit created through.


Bitcoin’s Mining Costs Will See It Bottom out at $6,000, Traders Argue



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Two well-known traders, Brian Stutland and Jim Iuorio, have recently revealed they believe bitcoin has a major support at the $6,000 thanks to its mining costs, which means it may be the bottom of the cryptocurrency’s downtrend.

Speaking to CNBC, the traders noted that while it may be too expensive for the “average person” to start mining the flagship cryptocurrency, some of the miners will find it difficult to mine profitably if the cryptocurrency falls below the $6,000 mark.

Their comments came shortly after bitcoin lost over $1,000 in a 24-hour period, after reports suggested Goldman Sachs had dropped its plans to open a bitcoin trading desk in the near future and a whale moved over $100 million to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Brian Stutland stated:

It’s going to be difficult [to profit] once we get down to this $6,000 level I think that’ll act as some support there. But look, do we really need Goldman Sachs? The point of cryptocurrency was to get people out of the banking system, and bank and transactions offline from that.

Goldman Sachs’ chief financial officer (CFO), as CryptoGlobe covered, later on revealed the reports were false as the company is still working on “setting up a trading desk to make markets in digital currencies such as bitcoin.” It’s moving into the crypto space in “response to client interest in digital currencies.”

Per Stutland’s words, while the drop created “some selloff” the bottom will be reached a $6,000. Jim Iuorio then noted bitcoin price charts point to a potential bounce if the cryptocurrency manages to go through $6,480.

If bitcoin goes through that level, Iuorio said, the cryptocurrency will “come out of that little consolidation it’s been on” and go up to $6,800. If it fails to do so and trades under $6,300, he added, it’ll fall back to $6,000.

At press time, BTC is trading at $6,470 after rising 1.38% in the last 24-hour period, according to CryptoCompare data. The cryptocurrency seemingly started recovering after reports suggested crypto exchange Coinbase was tapping the expertise of $6 trillion asset manager BlackRock to launch a crypto ETF.

As CryptoGlobe covered adoption has been growing, as billionaire Tilman Fertitta, owner of the NBA basketball team Houston Rockets, recently started accepting bitcoin and bitcoin cash in hos Post Oaks Motor Cars dealership.

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What are Forks and Airdrop in Cryptocurrency?



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The cryptocurrency industry boasts of many technical terms of which most of them need no tedious search to understand them as they are self-explanatory. One of the frequently used terms in the industry is airdrop.

The word combination alone provides a gist of what it really means, however, it may not have a literal meaning as it may be assumed to be. This post identifies and explains two important most-used terms in the industry.


Airdrop does not literally means “drops” fall from the air or the air really drops. It signifies a free distribution of tokens or cryptocurrencies for a specific purpose. In most occasions, cryptocurrency companies decide to reward their early adopters by distributing a proportion of free tokens to them.

In addition, some companies ask interested parties to perform minor tasks, including liking their telegram page, following them on twitter and few other instructions to stand a chance of getting a portion of the distribution.

As this may be a marketing strategy to get more people on board to build a community, this may also be a strategy to evenly distribute tokens in order to avoid market manipulation by large token holders.

Airdrop is very common among the newly introduced coins that need a kind of popularity to rise to the moon.


Fork in cryptocurrency has a general meaning of dividing or introducing an updated version of an existing cryptocurrency. When inventors realize that an existing cryptocurrency falls short of a particular function, a similar but upgraded version is introduced.

A good example is Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Bitcoin gave birth to Bitcoin cash in 2017 after inventors announced on a fork that was intended to make the digital world even better.

Forks are categorized into two; Hard folk and Soft Folk. Hard fork has been explained to be a permanent diversion from an existing Blockchain with the nodes of the new Blockchain not interacting with the transactions of the old one.

Soft Node is quite different. Transactions of the non upgraded nodes are recognized by the new upgraded ones; however, when the non upgraded node mines blocks continuously, the new nodes will reject them.

In this case, enough hash power is needed to make it succeed. It is believed that the existence of a fork makes the future of cryptocurrency very bright. Possibility of a fork can address so many problems in the cryptocurrency industry.

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What Next For Ethereum (ETH)?



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Ethereum (ETH) has had a rough week in the crypto markets. On the 5th of September, right before the whole market lost close to $40 Billion in a day, ETH was valued at $280 and seemed to have considerable support at that level. Then the news hit that Goldman Sachs have decided not to proceed with plans for a Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto trading desk. The entire market tanked. ETH fell in the markets to current levels of $219 as the news about Goldman Sachs have since been declared as fake news.

Fears of Further Decline and ICO’s Dumping ETH in the Markets

The Ethereum HODLers in the crypto community are concerned that ETH will continue falling to levels well below $200.The last time ETH went below this levels was back in mid September when it was valued briefly at $195.

With the constant rumors that ICOs are selling the ETH they raised last year and early this year to avoid further losses, the concern still lingers of the possibility of the digital asset continuing to depreciate in value. Although this claims have not been confirmed, the theory is plausible given the tonnes of crypto that was poured into ICOs from late last year to date.

Will it Go To Zero?

The extreme side of events is that ETH will plummet to zero as everyone ditches the digital asset for more stabler coins such as Stellar (XLM). There is also the theory that ETH can be replaced as the preferred ‘gas’ payment on the Ethereum network thus making the digital asset obsolete. However, the Ethereum community would not agree to such a radical overhaul of the network’s operations.

A Call for a New Ethereum Network

This then leads to a new discussion that the Ethereum network needs to evolve with the times or risk being obsolete as more efficient networks are created. These include the likes of Tron (TRX), Zilliqa (ZIL) and Neo (NEO). Of particular concern are the security vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts as well as the network having congestion issues that need to be solved by increasing its throughput.

Waiting It Out

The good thing is that ETH still has fans and HODLers who are willing to wait out the current storm in the form of a bear market. There are also high hopes that the scalability issues on the network will be solved very soon further injecting the much needed life into the digital asset.

In conclusion, the digital asset of ETH is facing some trying times in the crypto markets as it has dropped 85% since its peak value of $1,400. With the bear market still in full force at the moment of writing this, there is some fear that its value could drop further. However, the long term future of ETH is still bright if its network can evolve with the times.

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